The church has been commissioned by Christ to be his witnesses to the ends of the earth and to make disciples of all nations. Providence believes that we have a role to play in fulfilling the great commission.

On the local level, we reach out to the community around us by cultivating relationships, giving invitations to come and worship alongside of us, and by holding special events like vacation bible school and conferences.  Providence is also actively involved in planting churches in the greater Houston area in cooperation with our other sister churches.

Providence is actively involved in helping to support and plant biblical churches across the United States and Canada through our involvement in the work of Home Missions of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

We work to fulfill the great commission on a global scale by partnering with the efforts of our denomination, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. The OPC carries out this work through the efforts of Worldwide Outreach.

Worldwide Outreach is composed of three committees which oversee and direct these efforts: Home Missions, Foreign Missions, and Christian Education.

We also encourage people in the congregation to get directly involved with mission efforts by getting involved in one of the short term mission opportunities in the OPC.

Short Term Missions
Short Term Missions